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May 2019

The Hartebeestloop team would like to say one BIG THANK YOU to all the role players involved in making the Agra/Hartebeestloop BOSKOS BOEREDAG & Hartebeestloop Auction 2019, such a success!

Without the “together” it would not have been possible!!

The Agra team did ONE FANTASTIC JOB – how you guys get to make it look so effortless goes beyond us… Agra’s last “body count” on the Farmers’ Day was over 600… Congratulations in pulling this together.

Thanks to all the traders (Wow! it is becoming almost a mini-show THANKS TO YOU!), speakers (who gave their time and knowledge for free to the farmers during this terrible drought – again a big thank you!!) and farmers coming from near and far to support this great event. We for sure hope you all enjoyed it as much as us!!

A big and sincere thanks to everybody who also attended the auction, with a REAL BIG THANKS to ALL the buyers!

Dawie Moller from KOMAWEER Bonsmaras bought our prized Poena bull – THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT Dawie!

EMOK Bonsmaras bought our signature LOT 4 bull (HART 16-0248) - thank you so much!

We hope these bulls will give you much happiness over many years!

The biggest thank you goes to our Maker for all the many blessings. Yes, for sure “TOGETHER WE CAN DO GREAT THINGS” and these 2 days can speak of this.

Hope to see you all again next year! God bless.


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