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Black-face Impala ram

Black-face Impala ram
Black-face Impala ram
Bontebokke at Hartebeestloop
Culling of Oryx with poor horn development
Eland in flight during game count
Kudu bulls at Hartebeestloop
Kudus on the dunes at Hartebeestloop
Main breeding Roan bull
Oryx during game counting at Hartebeestloop
Oryx in flight during game count
Roan breeding bull
Roan bull
Roan Bull - March 2015
Roans at Hartebeestloop
Sable at Hartebeestloop
Sable bull and cows
Sable in the Kalahari
Sables near the dunes
Tssesebe as seen from up close in Boma
Tssesebe at Hartebeestloop
Tssesebe at Hartebeestloop
White Springbuck Calf
Wit en gewone bleskokke vanuit die die lug gesien
Wite en gewone blesbokke op Hartebeestloop
Young Black-face Impala ram
Young Roan bulls
Young Tssesebe bull and Black-face Impala rams at Hartebeestlooop
Zebra in flight during game count
Zebras as seen from the air
Zebras over the dunes 1
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