Auction 2012

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Another artistic photograph by Surina

Another artistic photograph by Surina
Another artistic photograph by Surina
Another Bonsmara stud cow and calf at the Hartebeestloop Auction
Beautiful Bonsmara calf
Bonsmara Cow and calf for sale at the Hartebeestloop Auction 2012
Bonsmara cow with newborn calf
Cattle breeders and farmers at the Hartebeestloop Farmers Day
Guest at the Farmers Day, waiting for lunch
Guests early morning at the Farmers Day
HART 09 - 122 was lot number 12 and was bought by Arthur de Villiers
Japie Bestebreurtjie, Katrin Vente, her daughter and Bernard Vente
Joggie and Hartebeestloop after 10 years
Joggie Briedenhann trying to make a point
Joggie busy explaining a principle about cattle breeding
Joggie relieved that his lecture is over?
Lectures at 2012 Hartebeestloop Farmers Day
Lot 8: HART 09-007, standing in his pen at the auction
Lunch at the Farmers Day with Nico Visser, Dries Venter and others
Newborn Bonsmara calf
Nico and Joggie enjoying themselves during the break at the Hartebeestloop Farmers Day
Nico Visser was the Master of Ceremonies at the Hartebeestloop Farmers Day
Photo Gallery of Hartebeestloop Bonsmara Stud bulls
Riaan Dames lecturing on grazing
Sean Keating, Jaco Griesel (Tensmar Bonsmaras) and Thinus Maritz
Some slogans used by Joggie for his speech at the Hartebeestloop Farmers Day
Wilhelm Mosehuus
Wilhelm Mosehuus and friend
Wilhelm Mosehuus and other guests attending the lectures at the Farmers Day
Wilhelm Mosehuus was the lecturer on Feedlot activities
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