Auction 2012

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The auction has begun!

The auction has begun!
2012 Hartebeestloop Auction Visitors
A guest and buyer at the Hartebeestloop auction
A view of the guests on the pavillions
An enthusiastic guest at the Hartebeestloop auction
Auction 2012 with Barend Dorfling
Auction Pens from the side
Barbara du Toit from Charlottenberg Bonsmara Stud
Barend Dorfling, Ellie Lottering and her son, Eandro
Carel van der Merwe
Charl Smal and Martiens Aveling
Charl Small & Mariens Aveling
Christo Strydom, Ronnie Smal, both Namibian Bonsmara breeders
David Krause from Feedmaster and Arthur de Villiers
Dirk Badenhorst, from the well known Bonsmara Stud Badeveen
Enjoying the quality coffee early morning at the auction!
Eugenie Briedenhann serving early morning coffee to Pastor Uanguta and his son
Guests at the auction
Henning du Toit from Charlottenberg Bonsmara Stud
Joggie Briedenhann welcoming the guests
Joggie in good mood with Koos Fourie and Jan Eaton
Keith Keating
Mr Otto Bank`s daughter and grandchild
Nico Visser and his son, Theo, sharing a joke with Robbi Dauberschmidt
Nico Visser going through records just before the auction
Smittie Smit from Swartrant Bonsmaras
Surina Small
The auction has begun!
The du Toit children playing at the Hartebeestloop auction
The late Ponk O`Kennedy from Woestyn Bonsmaras
Vekaama Murangi at the auction, enjoying the tasty breakfast
Wilhelm Mosehuus, Gerhard Nel and Ponk O`Kennedy (Woestyn Bonsmaras)
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