Auction 2012

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Bonsmara Auction
Bulls 2012

LOT 01: HART 08-235LOT 02: AEJ 05 - 112LOT 03:  AG 04 - 175LOT 04: HART 08-082LOT 05: HART 09 - 53LOT 06: HART 08 - 237LOT 07: HART 09 - 131LOT 08: HART 09 - 07LOT 09: HART 09 -10LOT 10: HART 09 - 25LOT 11: HART 09 - 214LOT 12: HART 09 - 122 LOT 13: HART 09 - 58LOT 14: HART 09 - 203LOT 15: HART 09-063LOT 16: HART 08-215LOT 17: HART 09-105LOT 18: HART 08-240LOT 19: HART 08-265LOT 20: HART 08-245LOT 21: HART 09-123LOT 22: HART 08-256LOT 23: HART 09-136LOT 24: HART 08-247LOT 25: HART 09-160LOT 26: HART 09-016LOT 27: HART 09-015LOT 28: HART 09-045LOT 29: HART 09-82LOT 30: HART 09-162LOT 31: HART 09-185LOT 32: HART 07-037
LOT 33: ERH 09-120LOT 34: WAGB 09-054LOT 35: HMB 09-107LOT 36: TON 08-144LOT 37: ERH 09-105LOT 38: HART 08-246LOT 39: WCS 08-053LOT 40: HART 09-181LOT 41: HART 09-186LOT 42: HART 09-194LOT 43: HART 09-232LOT 44: HART 09-118LOT 45: WCS 08-110LOT 46: HART 09-012LOT 47: HART 09-020LOT 48: HART 09-026LOT 49: HART 09-051LOT 50: HART 09-060LOT 51: HART 09-066LOT 52: HART 09-096LOT 53: HART 09-126LOT 54: HART 09-175LOT 55: WCS 08-123LOT 56: HART 08-262LOT 57: HART 08-246LOT 58: WAGB 09-135LOT 59: ERH 09-054LOT 60: TON 09-044LOT 61: ERH 09-135LOT 62: TON 08-185LOT 63: ERH 09-152LOT 64: TON 08-075

Bonsmara Cows
and Calves 2012

A cow - such a typical Bonsmara cow photograph in our herdA group of cows in the veldA group of young beautiful Bonsmara heifersA nice composition of heifersAnother shot of good looking Bonsmara heifersAnother young Bonsmara calfBonsmara Cow and Calf
Cows and their young in the veldCows at DassiesfonteinHeifers on one of the numerous Hartebeestloop pansYoung Bonsmara bull calf in good conditionYoung Bonsmara calfYoung Bonsmara heifersYoung heifers in good condition

Marketing Material

 2012 Auction AdvertisementAdvertisement for the Farmers Magazine, BotswanaAnother Auction advertisement combining some bullsCD for 2012Farmers Day Advertisement 2012Farmers Day Advertisement 2012 combined with some bull photogrpahsFarmers Magazine, Botswana
Hartebeestloop say THANK YOULandbouweekbladOur postcard Standard Bank advertisement in the NamibianStandard Bank pamphlet for assistance in finacesWhy choose Hartebeestloop?Why Hartebeestloop?

Auction Day
Photographs 2012

2012 Hartebeestloop Auction VisitorsA guest and buyer at the Hartebeestloop auctionA view of the guests on the pavillionsAn enthusiastic guest at the Hartebeestloop auction Auction 2012 with Barend DorflingAuction Pens from the sideBarbara du Toit from Charlottenberg Bonsmara StudBarend Dorfling, Ellie Lottering and her son, EandroCarel van der MerweCharl Smal and Martiens AvelingCharl Small & Mariens AvelingChristo Strydom, Ronnie Smal, both Namibian Bonsmara breedersDavid Krause from Feedmaster and Arthur de VilliersDirk Badenhorst, from the well known Bonsmara Stud BadeveenEnjoying the quality coffee early morning at the auction!Eugenie Briedenhann serving early morning coffee to Pastor Uanguta and his son
Guests at the auctionHenning du Toit from Charlottenberg Bonsmara StudJoggie Briedenhann welcoming the guestsJoggie in good mood with Koos Fourie and Jan EatonKeith KeatingMr Otto Bank`s daughter and grandchildNico Visser and his son, Theo, sharing a joke with Robbi DauberschmidtNico Visser going through records just before the auctionSmittie Smit from Swartrant BonsmarasSurina SmallThe auction has begun!The du Toit children playing at the Hartebeestloop auctionThe late Ponk O`Kennedy from Woestyn BonsmarasVekaama Murangi at the auction, enjoying the tasty breakfastWilhelm Mosehuus, Gerhard Nel and Ponk O`Kennedy (Woestyn Bonsmaras)

Farmers` Day
Photographs 2012

Another artistic photograph by SurinaAnother Bonsmara stud cow and calf at the Hartebeestloop AuctionBeautiful Bonsmara calfBonsmara Cow and calf for sale at the Hartebeestloop Auction 2012Bonsmara cow with newborn calfCattle breeders and farmers at the Hartebeestloop Farmers DayGuest at the Farmers Day, waiting for lunchGuests early morning at the Farmers DayHART 09 - 122 was lot number 12 and was bought by Arthur de VilliersJapie Bestebreurtjie, Katrin Vente, her daughter and Bernard VenteJoggie and Hartebeestloop after 10 yearsJoggie Briedenhann trying to make a pointJoggie busy explaining a principle about cattle breedingJoggie relieved that his lecture is over?
Lectures at 2012 Hartebeestloop Farmers DayLot 8: HART 09-007, standing in his pen at the auctionLunch at the Farmers Day with Nico Visser, Dries Venter and othersNewborn Bonsmara calfNico and Joggie enjoying themselves during the break at the Hartebeestloop Farmers DayNico Visser was the Master of Ceremonies at the Hartebeestloop Farmers DayPhoto Gallery of Hartebeestloop Bonsmara Stud bullsRiaan Dames lecturing on grazingSean Keating, Jaco Griesel (Tensmar Bonsmaras) and Thinus MaritzSome slogans used by Joggie for his speech at the Hartebeestloop Farmers DayWilhelm MosehuusWilhelm Mosehuus and friendWilhelm Mosehuus and other guests attending the lectures at the Farmers DayWilhelm Mosehuus was the lecturer on Feedlot activities

Press Releases 2012
Agra record on Hartebeestloop AuctionAgri Alert: Hartebeestloop Auction - farmers pay for good geneticsAllAfrica.com : Hartebeestloop bull goes for N$ 450 000 to HansenRepublikein: Boere dok op vir goeie genetika
The Economist: Millions invested in Hartebeestloop geneticsThe Namibian: Best of the best to be auctioned off at Hartebeestloop BonsmarasThe Namibian: Hartebeestloop Bonsmaras smashes records againThe Namibian: Hartebeestloop bull goes for N$ 400 000 to Hansen

Guest Sellers 2012
2012 Hartebeestloop Auction Guest Sellers<br>Go to DETAILS/DETAILS ALL for more information
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