Auction 2011

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Breakfast at Farmers Day

Breakfast at Farmers Day
Breakfast at Farmers Day
Dr Faffa Malan in action as speaker on Farmers Day
Dr Faffa Malan, one of the invited guest speakers
Dr Piet van Zyl explaining the use of a pelvic meter
Dr Piet van Zyl in action
Dr Piet van Zyl one of the invited speakers at Farmer`s Day
Farmers Day food in more detail prepared by Kaap Agri
Farmers Day lectures in hall
Friends from Standard Bank at the Farmers day braai
Guests attending bull discussions at Farmers day
Guests enjoying the Farmers day braai
Guests form Botswana enjoying a refreshment
Kaap Agri staff at serving area
Koos Raubenheimer moving closer to the fire
Lectures in hall
Serving area for Farmers day lunch
South African Guests after a successful hunting trip
Traditional bonfire at Farmer`s Day braai
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