Auction 2011

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Bonsmara Auction
Bulls 2011

LOT 01:  HART 08-60LOT 02: HART 08-122LOT 03: KHB 04-168LOT 04: HART 08-62LOT 05: KHB 05-172LOT 06: HART 08-37LOT 07: HART 08-128LOT 08: HART 08-40LOT 09: HART 08-43 LOT 10: HART 08-35LOT 11: HART 08-89LOT 12: HART 08-141LOT 13: HART 08-147LOT 14: HART 08-26LOT 15: HART 08-46LOT 16: HART 08-19LOT 17: HART 08-133LOT 18: VV 08-161LOT 19: HART 08-225LOT 20: HART 08-69LOT 21: HART 08-216LOT 22: HART 08-76LOT 23: HART 08-298LOT 24: HART 08-106LOT 25: HART 08-12LOT 26: GJN 08-18LOT 27: VBB 08-216LOT 28: HART 08-21
LOT 29: TON 08-66LOT 30: WAGB 08-56LOT 31: HMB 08-102LOT 32: AG 03-214LOT 33: TON 06-40LOT 34: SWA 08-15LOT 35: TON 07-129LOT 36: GJN 08-64LOT 37: HART 08-25LOT 38: HOT 08-246LOT 39: HART 08-63LOT 40: HART 08-194LOT 41: HART 08-281LOT 42: HART 08-162LOT 43: HART 08-145LOT 44: HART 08-157LOT 45: VBB 08-149LOT 46: HART 08-169LOT 47: VBB 08-142 LOT 48: HART 08-136LOT 49: HART 08-111LOT 50: HART 08-04LOT 51: HART 07-181LOT 52: WAGB 09-08LOT 53: HMB 08-21LOT 54: TON 08-58LOT 55: JS 07-16LOT 56: SWA 08-03

Bonsmara Cows
and Calves 2011

Another group of cows with calves in the veld.Bonsmara cows and calves on natural grazing at Hartebeestloop.Pregnant Bonsmara cows in relaxing mood.
Typical Bonsmara cows and calves in the veld.Young Bonsmara calf suckling on damYoung heifers on one of the pans at Hartebeestloop.

Marketing Material

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Auction Day
Photographs 2011

Alexandra Rothman and her son LiamBotswana guests at bull auction pensChristine Briedenhann and her grandmother, Meisie BriedenhannChristine Briedenhann serving coffee to a guestCorrie and Eugenie on their way to farmCorrie Pelser in planning mood for the big dayDanie Bosman with Chris Visser and Jan LourensEdward Hansen in relaxing mood before the start of the auctionEdward Hansen, Joggie and LOT 4 :HART 08-062Ernst Simon and Heiko Freyer viewing one of the bullsFinal stop for ingredientsFood ready to be servedGuest looking at lot no.5Guests arriving at auctionGuests at Hartebeestloop 4th Production AuctionGuests at the auctionGuests at the auction: Dries Venter, Willem Kotze and Johan MaritzGuests during the auctionGuests enjoying a snack at auctionGuests from the North of NamibiaGuests having a coffee before auctionGuets rooms at Okongona guest farm.Hartbeestloop giant hamburgersJapie Bestebreurtje and Johan Human with other guests
Joggie in a relaxed mood at HartebeestloopJoggie, Danie Bosman and Kiep LepenJoggie, Nico and Theo enjoying a laugh before auction startsJohan van der Merwe, Ouma Briedenhann and Gerrit VisserKeith Keating and guestLaurentius Julius and Danie Beyleveld from AgraLOT 4 : HART 08-062More auction guestsMostly Namibian guestsNico and Ben Mouton in conversationNico discussing auction bulls with Dries Venter and other guestsOuma Briedenhann at her usual braai-spot!Prospective buyers viewing bulls on auctionsServing area at auction facilitiesServing area in more detail prepared by Eugenie, Tilania and CorrieSide view of Eastern stand at AuctionStarters for Okongona guestsStone chandelier at the auction entertaining areaSusan and Nora busy with final preparations for lunchTheo Visser in working mode at the auctionView of road on the way to Hartebeestloop AuctionVolker Kreft and Danie KotzeWelcoming card at Okongona guest farmYoung auction guests in front of Feedpro banner

Farmers` Day
Photographs 2011

Breakfast at Farmers DayDr Faffa Malan in action as speaker on Farmers DayDr Faffa Malan, one of the invited guest speakersDr Piet van Zyl explaining the use of a pelvic meterDr Piet van Zyl in actionDr Piet van Zyl one of the invited speakers at Farmer`s DayFarmers Day food in more detail prepared by Kaap AgriFarmers Day lectures in hallFriends from Standard Bank at the Farmers day braai
Guests attending bull discussions at Farmers dayGuests enjoying the Farmers day braaiGuests form Botswana enjoying a refreshmentKaap Agri staff at serving areaKoos Raubenheimer moving closer to the fireLectures in hallServing area for Farmers day lunchSouth African Guests after a successful hunting tripTraditional bonfire at Farmer`s Day braai

Press Releases 2011
Agra Ring: Agra and Hartebeestloop bring another information dayAgra Ring: Agra en Hartebeestloop bring nog `n InligtingsdagAgra Ring: Agra en Hartebeestloop Inligtingsdag trek vol saleAgra Ring: Hartebeestloop stud auction one again breaks all recordsAgriforum: Bonsmara seëvier in die Kalahari
Best price cow and photograph of Johannes GawaxebRepublikein: 7 June 2011, Hartebeestloop behaal weer toppryseThe Economist: Hartebeestloop Information Day, May 2011The Namibian: Bull breaks recordThe Namibian: Hartebeestloop Auction smashes records again

Guest Sellers 2011
2011 Hartebeestloop Auction Guest Sellers
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