Auction 2008

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Auction ring ready for action.

Auction ring ready for action.
Auction ring ready for action.
Buyers and guests arriving at 2008 auction.
Buyers and guests eagerly awaiting the start of auction.
Buyers and guests having lunch in hall.
Buyers discussing something in catalogue.
Buyers studying their catalogues before the start of auction.
Buyers viewing bulls in pens.
Eddie Reed auctioning lot 13.
Full view of auction ring.
HJB 05-208 most expensive bulle on 2008 Auction.
Issy Nandova and colleague of Agribank.
Joggie welcoming everybody at the 2008 auction.
Joggie with buyers of most expensive female animal.
Lot 11 - HJB 05-208 fetched the highest price at 2008 Auction
Lunch in hall.
Marietjie (Agriforum), Ouma Briedenhann and Nora van Dyk
Prospective buyers viewing some of the female animals.
Stokkies von Dewitz and Rolli Heiser with lot 13.
Theo and Carl Hein Visser studying animal in the ring.
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