Auction 2008

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Action photo of Harald Metzger

Action photo of Harald Metzger
Action photo of Harald Metzger
Attendees at 2008 Bonsmara Breed Promotional Day
Bonsmara Breed Promotional Day in full swing
Breed promotional day attendees listening to bull discussion
Cymot exhibition at 2008 Promotional Day
Donovan and Werner busy with final preparations for promotional day
Dr Hinner Koster, guest speaker from South Africa
Dr Koster busy with lecture
Dr Smith in action
Dr Willie Smith, another guest speaker from South Africa
Framed posters of Promotional day and Auction
Guests at 2008 Bonsmara Breed Promotional Day
Guests at Promotional Day
Guests at serving area
Guests concentrating during Dr Wille Smith`s lecture
Guests inspecting harvester on display
Guests looking for shade against the sun
Guests queing for lunch
Guests reviewing lectures of the day
Guests taking a break from lectures
Harald Metzger discussing the ideal Bonsmara cow
Harald Metzger responding to a question from the audience
Jannie Louw of Kaap Agri our main sponsor
Joggie in conversation with Marietjie from Agriforum
Joggie welcoming guests at our first big day at Hartebeestloop
Kaap Agri exhibition at Promotional Day
Large audience in attendance at Breed Promotional Day
Lectures in hall
Lectures in hall
Nick van Wyk welcoming guests at Hartebeestloop
Nico putting up banner of Bonsmara Catte Breeders
Nico thanking the sponsors on behalf of Hartebeestloop
Oliver Horsthemke, guest speaker from FNB Namibia
Prof Frikkie Neser a guest speaker from South Africa
Prof Frikkie Neser lecturing
Serving area for guests
Serving area for guests
Smittie in action during questioning part of lectures
Speaker on behalf of one of the days sponsors
View of guests at lectures from back of hall
View through auction ring of guests at 2008 Breed Promotional Day
Wilkie Knouwds viewing 2008 Auction bulls
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