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Where in the world is AG 98 - 338?

AG 98 - 338 is at Hartebeestloop in the Kalahari since 2007.

He is the bull that has most probably played the biggest role in Bonsmara breeding, with the most progeny that is used as stud bulls and cows in different herds.


Indeed! We still use him in the herd but on a lesser number of cows. In fact, he is doing so well that we are considering giving him more cows!

The average ICP of his cows over the last 2 years are 376 days! His teeth are still functional, condition is good, constitution is excellent and there is nothing wrong with his libido. His front claws are not so good anymore - but this is very typical for 14-year old animals in the Kalahari dunes.


It was quite an experience to see the outstanding progeny of AG 98-338 at the 20th Arcadia Production Auction.

There are more progeny of this outstanding bull on the Hartebeestloop Production Auction on the 24th of May 2012.

"He may be OLD news, but he is still GOOD news!"


There are a number of new breeders that have bought into AG 98-338 genetics but have never seen the bull! At Hartebeestloop Bonsmaras we have decided to show you how he looks at 14 years of age.

We will also exhibit the bull at the Hartebeestloop Auction on the 24th of May 2012.

The view of AG 98-338 that we all know
The view of AG 98-338 that we all know

And another view - he is still THE BULL!
And another view - he is still THE BULL!

April 2012


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