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HARTEBEESTLOOP BONSMARAS - Bonsmara breeder in Stampriet, Namibia.Bonsmara is the only beef breed in the world created through a well-documented crossbreeding program with the aid of objectively recorded performance data. At Hartebeestloop, we acknowledge Professor Jan Bonsma and his team for their pioneering work, which lead to the Bonsmara being the most prominent of beef cattle in Namibia and the Republic of South Africa. The Bonsmara breed is not static and we constantly try to contribute to the advancement of the Bonsmara based on current market forces and consumer demands. Hartebeestloop Bonsmaras strives to be on the forefront when it comes to good stockmanship and the use of the latest technology, to better the Bonsmara breed and the beef cattle industry in general.

CONTACT US: JOGGIE BRIEDENHANN +264 81 231 6169 (jbried@joggie.com.na)


VEILINGSDATUM 2017 : 19 MEI, 11H00 / AUCTION DATE 2017: 19 MAY, 11H00

Our SPRING DAY auction & Farmers' Day
- G8 Bonsmara Auction in Windhoek!

This year the G8 auction falls on beautiful SPRING DAY (Thursday 1 September). And what could be better than to spend an informative afternoon from 14H00 with us for a Farmers’s Day (starting at 14H00) followed by an exciting Auction (starting at 17H00). You could literally pick and choose from no less than 35 quality Bonsmara bulls – and the beauty is that these bulls come from different areas right across the country. Definitely something for all and everybody!

Hartebeestloop is bringing 3 top bulls to the auction. To get all the information (bull photographs, video’s and descriptions), please go to G8 Auction 2016.

The program for the Farmers’ Day can be viewed further down.

Hope to see you on Thursday 1 September at the Bank Windhoek/Agra Ring, in Windhoek!


Bonsmara working its magic into Gobabis

Yesterday saw a new tradition and history unfold, when breeders held an exclusive Bonsmara auction at Gobabis. The 3 founder breeders (Joggie from Hartebeestloop, Streicher and Hella Coetzee from Hochfeldstreek Bonsmaras and Edward Hansen from EMOK Bonsmaras), as well as guest Bonsmara breeders (Tokat, Okamaja & Moslabon Bonsmaras) and the organizers, left no stone unturned to make sure that this auction is on par with all the other prestigious Bonsmara auctions in Namibia. A Farmers' Day was also held the day prior and top class speakers addressed current issues in Farming. It is always a good time for local farmers to mingle with other farmers and friends! Agra was as usual right there to make sure this auction is top class.

Middle August should become a time that Gobabis Farmers should mark in future! Don’t miss these opportunities to learn, refresh and become enthusiastic about farming again.

Farmers' Day: Fouchè Brand (Capricorn Asset Management) spoke about the impact the economy has on the Namibian Farmer. To his right is Phillip Oosthuizen who spoke about the precision that goes into rounding off feedlot cattle - a concept with merit. Joggie (to the right) spoke about weaner weight and how it influences your returns.

HT 13-0066, the Poena Bonsmara bull from Hartebeestloop Bonsmaras, that fetched the highest price on the auction (N$ 46 000). The bull was bought by Christo Burger from Mytilus Farming. ...READ MORE

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